Lessons from the Gita in everyday life

Tavleen Foundation recently held a seminar, under its Life & Mind Institute Initiative, to establish peaceful life and mind solutions from Shrimad Bhagwad Gita. Dedicated to Tavleen’s fond memory, Tavleen Foundation (TF) is an organization.

Event : A book on Gurbani – ‘The Words of My Guru’

A book on Gurbani, 'The Words Of My Guru', compiled by Dr. G .S. Narang was released by Dr. Manjeet Singh (HOD, Punjabi, Delhi University ), Mr. Arvind Singh (Commissioner central excise & customs) .


You are the Architects of your own Harmony ‘Meet the Masters’ series of Life & Mind Institute involves insightful lectures by eminent speakers addressing the present day challenges in a fresh perspective..

A dialogue with Dr. P.V. Vaidyanathan on De-stress Yourself : The power is within you

We live our life far away from the absolute and universal truths of nature. Life on this earth is actually very easy and simple, provided we are willing to see it, as it exists .

Workshop on Forgiveness

Reena Sharma, the renowned Life coach and founder of Indrishti, New Delhi ,conducted a workshop on the importance of forgiving and moving on to lead a peaceful productive life. .

Beautiful Mind Means Beautiful Life

About the speaker For the last 15 years, Krishna Raj ji has been involved in offering life & mind programs for individuals and groups to foster greater awareness and connection. A series of insights .

A learning session on ‘Lifestyle Innovation’ by Dr. V.P. Bansal

Under Life & Mind Initiative ‘Talks’, an enlightening session was taken by renowned homeopath and allopath, Dr. V.P. Bansal. He has intensively researched on lifestyle innovation for 34 years now. He is a clinician, mentor .

Freedom from stress leads to happy and successful life

About Guru Pattabhiramji: Shri Pattabhiramji is a direct disciple of HH Swami Rama of the Himalayas who trained to be an engineer but took to Yoga as his life mission.

Richa Anirudh Program

Richa Anirudh: A profile Richa Anirudh is a figure of sorts in the world of Indian Television. She is an author, mentor, speaker and host of the Best Talk Show and awarded programme ‘ZINDAGI LIVE’ .

Love & Life by Madhuri Banerjee

Relationships do get as intricate and complicated, no matter how beautiful they appear and feel externally. To understand the dynamics of relationships on the lines of Love & Life, Mumbai-based bestselling author, blogger & production .

Strength & Winning by Swami Samarpananda

In a life struggling with work and personal stress, it important to know ways of coping up with them so as to come out as a winner each time.