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Lets make a Happier & Peaceful World

Welcome to Tavleen Foundation

Tavleen Foundation was founded by Dr. Gurmeet Singh Narang, after the sad demise of his daughter Tavleen due to bone cancer in 2008. Tavleen was an intelligent, sensitive and spiritual girl, thoroughly involved in education, art and culture.Tavleen Foundation is an organization that incessantly works towards the betterment of oneself, society and world on the pillars of spirituality, values and compassion. To accomplish the same, we rigorously conduct awareness programmes, events, activities, seminars, lectures and discussions to bring people on a common forum and together try to make the world a better place to live in. We hope that our small step brings a new wave of marvels for the society. Let’s join hands to make our world far kinder and happier.

Tavleen's story

The purpose of Tavleen’s life was perhaps not live for long years. It was to be useful, to be responsible, and to be compassionate. It was, above all, to matter and to stand for meaningful things, to have made enormous difference in lives around her.” – Dr. Gurmeet Singh Narang (father).
Tavleen, born on 16th June 1993, was a pampered child of her parents. She was an avid reader, ‘Adamya saahas’ written by Former President of India Shri APJ Abdul Kalam being the last book she read.
Her inclination towards art was visible through her mellifluous playing of the santoor and unforgettable dances. Environment was one aspect she remained most sensitive about, and always insisted her

At age 15, one day from the window, Tavleen looked at her garden and asked her father, “My dear Dad, I want to live in this beautiful world, look at the butterflies, squirrels, roses, sunflowers, listen to the chirruping of birds, gaze into the vast sky. I want to live; please give me such a medicine that can cure me.
I have to do a lot in this beautiful world; I have to read, write, sing and play santoor”. Despite the medical therapies and aids, her family watched the beautiful, brave and lovely girl pass away.
The dreaded disease plucked this wonderful angel forever on 11th October 2008. The battle she fought with cancer is a story of great inspiration, may it be her courage or optimism, sensitivity or rationalism.

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We are a dedicated team to make this world happier & peaceful.
Join us and attain fulfilment in life.
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Our Mission

To work for Life values, Awareness & Contemplative Studies.
To promote well-being & cultivate a calm mind
by reducing sufferings in human life.


Radical transformation in the society can happen only when real ‘sustainable change’ occurs at all three levels – individual, group and society.

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